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David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 22:32:54 UTC 2008

Teaching people what is and isn't a genuine free content licence is
one of Wikimedia's biggest headaches ... *anything* anyone has on the
subject, please forward it to Erik.

(note: Several people from Creative Commons read commons-l, which is
the list for Wikimedia Commons, the photo and media repository; people
who know lots about FSF free content licences might find it a suitable
place to keep an eye on as well. The CC people were enormously helpful
with concerns over the CC 3.0 licences, said concerns being the reason
for CC 3.01.)

- d.

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All -

 could you send me some links - offlist is fine - to useful tutorials
 that you're aware of on free content licensing? I think there are some
 pages on Wikimedia Commons that might be useful, if perhaps a bit

 It would just be good to have some URLs to shoot to folks who have
 heard once of Creative Commons and open source - but really don't have
 a clue what any of it means, get confused about the
 commercial/non-commercial distinction, think they can still cut
 exclusive deals for some types of usage, etc. :-)

 Erik Möller
 Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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