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Thu Feb 14 21:20:10 UTC 2008

Alex Hudson <home at> writes:

> The end goal is to redistribute money, roughly from the consumer to the
> artist.

That's *not* the goal of copyright.

The goal of (USA) copyright is to promote "the Progress of Science and
useful Arts". Redistributing money is only ever a means to this
explicit end. A system that focusses on redistributing money to the
detriment of progress in science and useful arts is *failing* at the
stated goal of copyright.

> I really don't buy into the "they don't have a right to earn a
> living unless they can make money on it on their own" arguments that
> some people have implied.

Again, I hold that everyone has the right to attempt to earn a living.
If society does not value their specific activities enough to pay them
a living income, though, then they fail; and that is not a violation
of their rights.

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