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Thu Feb 14 17:10:14 UTC 2008

Am Thursday, dem 14. Feb 2008 schrieb Alex Hudson:

> It still comes back to the basic issue with earning a living from this
> kind of art.

Most artists cannot make a living from their record cotract alone at all.

> There are plenty of people willing to pay money for it, but
> there are up-front costs which need to be covered, thus you need
> investment. If self-publishing and gathering income that way were so
> easy, bands would be doing that instead of getting record contracts (and
> a good proportion of them actually do; not many make a living from it
> though).

Are you trying to tell us, that nobody would make music, because the costs
are too high??? I beg to differ!

> I haven't seen [m]any examples of where that was done before
> the artist was sufficiently well-known to be able to do it.

Have a look at Jamendo:
Most artists there don't have a record contract.
Because only few independent labels allow publishing with Creative Commons.

Paying through Jamendo is possible, 
but that's not as easy as it should be (Paypal).


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