How to find volunteer administrators? (Was: RE: Free Web App Co-operative)

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Feb 13 11:35:39 UTC 2008

Bogdan Bivolaru <bogdan.bivolaru at> wrote: [...]
> 1) As I see it the big problem is not the hardware nor the bandwidth (we 
> can think of a web cluster-like system to operate it, REBOL style 
> ): the problem is finding capable and 
> good-willing volunteers to administrate it.

Do they need to be volunteers?  Could some members be allowed to pay
their subs by doing root work instead?

> I would offer root access to 
> a computer I own on a internet connection I am responsible for. If that 
> mail server starts sending malware, who will be responsible/liable for 
> charges in justice?

I believe you would, if you own the computer.  It's up to you to watch
what people who give access to and/or put in reasonable liability in
their use agreements.

> How do you approach this initial lack of criteria for selecting volunteers?

I think you have to apply the theory of moles, try to limit their
return on investment and build up trust in each other over time.

> 2a) Since all projects running on such a service would be free (both 
> Afero GPL-style and as in free beer) [...]

Oooh, I hope it's really free, not Affero.

> 2b) I could also pay some monthly fees for a BlueHost / Dreamhost 

Might be better to go with locals who support free software, such as, (does offer hosting? I forget.)

It's necessary to beware a lot of hosting services, as many use
control panels which are not free software, such as the irritating

> 3) DNS naming and directory:
> What about a DNS register? As far as I know there are no free DNS names 
> registrars, right?

There are a few like, but they seem overworked to me.

I can't answer your Tor question - I'll leave that to the members as a
whole once it comes into being ;-)

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