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Mon Feb 11 21:09:29 UTC 2008

Alex Hudson <home at> writes:

> I am arguing in favour of ensuring artists have sufficient avenues
> of revenue that they can create their art. Donations are fine, as is
> patronage. To some extent, subsidy by the taxpayer is also ok.
> But those, in total, are not sufficient to fund the numbers of
> creative professionals we currently have, nor are they adequate for
> determining who should and shouldn't be funded.

Then perhaps our society does not value creative professionals enough
to sustain their current levels. *I don't know*. But your points do
not support an argument that we should attempt to preserve a
profession that cannot be sustained without artificial monopoly.

What I do know is that, for the vast majority of our history,
copyright was absent, yet our myriad cultures still managed to create
countless artistic works in that time. Those that survive today are
surely a tiny speck compared to those that were made and enjoyed,
despite never having copyright to artificially restrict them.

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