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Mon Feb 11 19:43:39 UTC 2008

"David Gerard" <dgerard at> wrote:

> On 11/02/2008, Matthias-Christian Ott <ott at> wrote:
> > Stefan Meretz <stefan.meretz at> wrote:
> > > It means that successful competition is reached by cooperation. The
> > > competition is not won on the old field, but by opening a new field.
> > > Example: Encyclopedia Britannica was out-cooperated by Wikipedia, not
> > > by competiting on the old proprietary field, but by opening a new field
> > > of free cooperation. And of course: Free software is on the way of
> > > out-cooperating proprietary software.
> > But this requires people who believe in Free Software and Wikipedia.
> Er, what? Both are growing in the market, not just in a small world of
> predefined terms.

Come on, loot at it seriously - from the perspective of the average Joe.
He doesn't know what Wikipedia or Free Software is, he just knows that
Wikipedia is his first entry on his google search page.
Do you think he has realised the philosophical dimensions of Wikipedia
or Free Software and believes in it?

> - d.


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