FDL requirements for original author

David Picón Álvarez eleuteri at myrealbox.com
Thu Feb 7 20:33:18 UTC 2008

> Is it nevertheless the case, though, that what is released under GFDL
> is what is released under GFDL, and if you get a PDF or a bitmap or
> whatever then, as a reuser, you're not somehow obligated to release a
> more transparent version than you got from the copyright owner? (Given
> the author can't reasonably sue you for copyright violation for
> reusing precisely what they gave you rather than what they didn't.)

I'm not going to stick my neck on this one, I have no idea. FWIW maybe this 
is one of those cases in which, if you can't reuse in accordance with the 
licence, you cannot distribute at all (liberty or death clause).


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