Accused of copyright infridgment

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Wed Feb 6 16:53:15 UTC 2008

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> Hello all.. I have a problem on my GPL C++ application.
> Some years ago I has been in contact with a research group that was
> developing a C++ multi-agent model of agricultural systems.
> We worked together for a couple of years within an EU founder research
> project and I learned C++.
> Ended that experience, I decided to develop from scratch a "clone" of such
> model. I didn't absolutelly copy any class, function, algorithm, line or
> whatsoever of such program, even because, as it has been developed for tens
> of years by different people in different contests, it was quite a
> "spaghetti code" and it wasn't very clear at all!
> Rather, I started again with the very general concepts and I re-wrote from
> scratch the program, that ended being rather different from those original
> and I published it as GPL.
> Now these people (Germans) sent me a threat letter and asked me to switch
> off my web-site.

I suggest to simply ingore them. They are just spreading FUD. If you
have a clear consience, a court will fully discharge you.

> Can anyone tell me if such request has any legal foundation ?? I will
> particular appreciate those giving me points to theyr favour..
> Thanks,
>     Antonello Lobianco - <>


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