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Hello all.. I have a problem on my GPL C++ application.

Some years ago I has been in contact with a research group that was
developing a C++ multi-agent model of agricultural systems.

We worked together for a couple of years within an EU founder research
project and I learned C++.

Ended that experience, I decided to develop from scratch a "clone" of such
model. I didn't absolutelly copy any class, function, algorithm, line or
whatsoever of such program, even because, as it has been developed for tens
of years by different people in different contests, it was quite a
"spaghetti code" and it wasn't very clear at all!

Rather, I started again with the very general concepts and I re-wrote from
scratch the program, that ended being rather different from those original
and I published it as GPL.

Now these people (Germans) sent me a threat letter and asked me to switch
off my web-site.

Can anyone tell me if such request has any legal foundation ?? I will
particular appreciate those giving me points to theyr favour..

    Antonello Lobianco - <>

Antonello Lobianco
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