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> > * KwangErn Liew <ke.liew at> [2008-12-13 10:12:19 +0100]:
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> > > Not sure if it's applicable, but at work we use Foxit Reader
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> > 
> > Foxit is non-free software:
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> Then you should probably use the domain name, or are
> you  implicitly deceiving consumers ?

Do you have to explain everything in the URL? Than we should use: ;)

I think the text on the page makes it totally clear that we list only
Free Software pdfreaders. 

    Many programs can read and write PDF documents, and there are good
    reasons why you would want to choose a Free Software PDF reader.

    The most important is that your choice protects your basic 4
    freedoms, which give you control over your computer and help protect
    your privacy. You might also want to promote the versions of PDF
    that are Open Standards, because Open Standards protect competition
    and choice.

    There are many programs to read and write PDF documents. The
    following list of PDF readers is vendor neutral. All of them are
    Free Software:

And I would consider it immoral to list non-free software.

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