Article: "Fixing linux" - opinions?

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Fri Dec 12 23:50:26 UTC 2008

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 02:26:42PM +0100, P.B. wrote:
> @Rui Miguel Silva Seabra:
> I clearly see that you didn't get my point. Furthermore, your
> arguments and choice of language are neither helpful nor mature.

I clearly see you didn't get my point either, it's a pointless
no-problem you're worried about. You want to appease zealots and

If you think sincerity is neither helpful nor mature, what do you take
nivity for?

> Unfortunately, you've missed that I wasn't complaining

I didn't think you were complaining, I even tried to avoid using the
word 'you' intentionally.

> - I'm looking
> for answers and reasonable arguments to present to others who stumble
> across these things and do not have time or the technical background
> to understand - or even fix - it.

But you're worried about unsolvable problems that only exist in the
minds of those who want Windows for free. You don't have to convince
everyone at any and all costs.

> > "I don't give a crap about Windows, all my external disks are
> formatted with ext3."
> Hm... guess what? My disks are all ext3, too! But what about other
> people, if they'd like to use their external disk to move data around?

I move data around in these disks.

> (printer settings)
> > "Send patches fixing those applications, or get someone else to do
> it faster (mybe by paying them, for instance)."
> That's a nice, but unrealistic answer. We're not talking about a small
> fix for a single application here.

Printing's not nice in Windows either. A hundred different printers has
almost as much different dialogs. And don't let me get started on how
you go to "add local printer" for adding a printer on the other side of
the country.

I don't see people whining about that.

What is a MAJOR problem with printing on GNU/Linux is the ammount of
printers that simply don't work because they requires proprietary

> Please don't bother to reply unless you're willing to calm down a bit
> and offer useful, constructive approaches.

You appear to think I am not calm because of a weird notion that people
who don't agree and are quite frank to tell it in your face must surely
be not calm.


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