Article: "Fixing linux" - opinions?

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Fri Dec 12 10:59:46 UTC 2008

"P.B." <pb at> wrote:
>   Fixing Linux: What's Broken And What To Do About It"
> It contains a few arguments that are actually true and something
> everyone who's using Linux has thought/complained/or hoped for at
> least once.

Indeed, it contains very few arguments.  All of the complaints seem to
reduce to some combination of:-

1. we offer a choice (distributions, for example);

2. some proprietary providers fail to support choice (kernel ABI);

3. local configuration error or system problem (the author's X11

We need to address these by:-

1. providing good comparisons and information at the points where they
are most helpful - standardisation is no more likely than Apple and
Microsoft agreeing on a common GUI and packaging system with each
other and/or GNU/Linux distributors;

2. obsoleting proprietary providers;

3. making people aware that bizarre errors or problems like those X11
ones are not expected normal operation.

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