Article: "Fixing linux" - opinions?

Sam Liddicott sam at
Thu Dec 11 15:36:48 UTC 2008

* P.B. wrote, On 11/12/08 14:57:
> Today I've read this article titled "
>   Fixing Linux: What's Broken And What To Do About It"
> ...
> What's your opinion about the issues mentioned there?

I want ALSA with dmix. I don't want esd or pulse, and I hate it when I
switch-user and the music stops.

As far as configuration files, I met some guys at SambaXP earlier this
year who were working on group policies (by which they mean config
files) being made available as part of the logon provider, which "config
backends" being ultimately pluggable so that the group policy stuff
could be plugged in.

The kernel ABI stability isn't much of a real problem in itself, because
the kernel feature set isn't stable enough. Of course the ABI changes if
the features change, just stick with the old kernel until you are ready
for the new features and new ABI.

I like X11 and that a display is just a socket connection. I often kill
sinful apps by
* ssh in and kill
* ssh and a couple of chvt
* start a full-screen SDL app and quit
* install a new keyboard layout
but it annoys me how often my gnome desktop thinks I have CTRL or SHIFT
stuck down when I don't.


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