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Sun Dec 7 15:38:53 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I wrote a blog entry [1] about Free Software related books, especially
for "non-technical" people / people new to Free Software. (Also
submitted to fsdaily [2].):

    I started thinking about good Free Software related presents lately.
    Until now the best things which came into my mind are books. So I
    thought it might be good to have a list of Free Software related books
    which are nice to read also for people who haven't heard or read about
    Free Software before.

    Until now my list look looks like this (ordered from easy to a bit
    more difficult to read):

    - Lawrence Lessig: Free Culture: The Nature and Future of
      Creativity.  [3]
    - Joshua Gay (Ed.): Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of
      Richard M. Stallman. [4]
    - Peter Drahos, John Braithwaite: Information Feudalism.  [5]
    - Lawrence Lessig: Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace, Version 2.0.

    I have also a German list as I know some German speaking people, too

    - Lawrence Lessig: Freie Kultur. [7]
    - Erik Möller: Die heimliche Medienrevolution Wie Weblogs, Wikis und
      freie Software die Welt verändern.  [8]
    - Volker Grassmuck: Freie Software. For 2 EUR very good as a small
      present :) [9]
    - Lawrence Lessig: Code und andere Gesetze des Cyberspace. 

    If you have other suggestions for non-techis, please write an e-mail
    to our public discussion list [10] or to me in private.

Looking forward to additional suggestions.

Best wishes,

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