Printable information material available for download

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Sun Aug 31 15:14:27 UTC 2008

Reinhard Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> some printable information material about FSFE, Free Software, and
> FSFE's activities is available on
> for download.
> Everybody please feel free (and encouraged) to download the PDFs, print
> them, and spread the word!
> The flyers are downloadable in 2 variants: one including the background
> image, and one without the background image for those who have paper on
> which the background image is already pre-printed. If you are interested
> in getting such pre-printed paper to distribute at a specific event,
> please contact office (at)!
> Thanks,

Hi Reinhard,

Is it possible to order English flyers at the FSFE? What will be the
price table? I would like to sponsor a bunch of them, so I can lay them
out at t-dose his year. I probably also have some Debian flyer's there.
I can always let my print shop produce the flyer's, but if the FSFE has
them at bulk storage it is probally more efficant an cheaper to order
them. (

Best regards,


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