Licence compliance with GFDL audio recordings?

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue Apr 22 05:21:48 UTC 2008

   > I have a question about the GFDL and audio recordings of GFDL
   > text (for accessibility, podcasts, etc): how does one comply with
   > the GFDL in an audio version of a text?
   > Does it really require the entire license also read out?

   This question was raised during the FDL drafting process (but I
   don't have a reference, sorry), and never satisfactorily
   addressed. It's yet another area where the FDL effectively makes a
   work non-free for many uses, and another reason to recommend
   against its use.

It is another reason to not recommend it for non-documents; a audio
recording isn't a document.

   My advice would be to convince the copyright holder to re-license the
   work under something more sane, like the GPL v2. That, at least,
   doesn't require the license terms to be included in the redistributed

That is a even worse suggestion.  How will you distribute the written
offer? Because neither 3(a) or 3(c) apply (audio is not source code,
or object code).

The GPL was designed for software, audio isn't software, a suitable
license free audio license would be be a verbatim only, or a all
permissive one.

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