Licence compliance with GFDL audio recordings?

David Gerard dgerard at
Mon Apr 21 21:51:50 UTC 2008

I have a question about the GFDL and audio recordings of GFDL text
(for accessibility, podcasts, etc): how does one comply with the GFDL
in an audio version of a text?

Does it really require the entire license also read out?

Are GFDL texts therefore not legally available to the blind, etc?

(We've also asked licensing at, but I was wondering if anyone has
dealt with this before. Also, a response in less than three months
would be useful. Also, if they answer "you should read the licence
text and consult your lawyer", I swear I'm going to nuke Boston - our
lawyer is Mike Godwin and he says it makes his head hurt.)

- d.

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