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* Carsten Agger (agger at [18.04.08 12:19]:

> So, how can I sign or recommend the petition without fundamentally
> recognizing the Parliament, when actually I don't?  This might actually
> limit the petition's potential appeal in many countries, at least in
> "Euro-sceptical" quarters (which in Denmark tend to be the left, and
> some nationalists - the pattern might be different in other countries).
By the normative power of the factual: there *is* a parliament, which 
*decides* on such matters, and such will be equal to any national law 
within the EU.

With the attitude "I don't like them, so I won't talk to them" you 
cannot change anything. The Parliament *has* power over you, and if you 
refuse to use *your* influence on the parliament, then don't come crying 
if they did something you do not like: you did not tell them.

BTW: a petition is nothing *from* the parliament, it is a demand 
from the people *to* the parliament to act in a certain way or at least 
debate over that topic.

> br
> Carsten

I don't like the EU neither, but the problem is not what the parliament 
decides(we could influence that by voting), the problem is what it is 
*not* allowed to decide.


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