playing catch up with proprietary Direct X featuritis

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Apr 10 11:19:16 UTC 2008

On 10/04/2008, Bogdan Bivolaru <bogdan.bivolaru at> wrote:

> I have learnt about some ray-tracing features in the new DirectX library
> (version 11)

Wine, by the way, is doing an increasingly good job of implementing
DirectX 9 (driven by demand from gamers to be able to run Windows
games on Unix). They haven't started on DirectX 10 as yet, mostly as
there are very few games that require it - gamers hate Vista.

Keep in mind that DirectX 11 is presently marketing vapourware -
NVidia may be reluctant to go haring off in the pursuit of marketing
vapourware, as nobbling competitors with such distractions is a
long-documented practice of DirectX's creator organisation.

- d.

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