ThinkFree on why it isn't supporting ODF despite wanting to: Microsoft

Davide Dozza davide at
Wed Apr 9 13:24:51 UTC 2008

Stefano Spinucci ha scritto:
> on ThinkFree Blog [1], the ThinkFree's marketing manager, replying to
> a customer asking if ThinkFree (a multiplatform office suite) 'll
> support ODF, replied [2]:
> I'm marketing manager Benedict from ThinkFree.
> Thanks for your suggestion !
> We are also considering the ODF support in ThinkFree.
> By the way, There is one obstacle for solving the problem…
> That is MS Policy for ODF, Because of interoperability with MS Office
> in ThinkFree, We still need the MS cooperation that support OOXML,,,
> I think you can understand this situation & MS policy strategy…
> But we plan to solve this political problems, and also We will make the detour.
> Anyway, We feel your kind mind…
> Thanks
> Please, could someone from FSFE contact ThinkFree [3] to understand
> what *MS policy for ODF* are they talking about and what kind of *MS
> cooperation* they need to be interoperable with MS Office ???

Maybe because MS Office 2007 isn't compliant with and therefore doesn't 
support OOXML? ;-)


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