ThinkFree on why it isn't supporting ODF despite wanting to: Microsoft

Stefano Spinucci virgo977virgo at
Wed Apr 9 12:56:14 UTC 2008

on ThinkFree Blog [1], the ThinkFree's marketing manager, replying to
a customer asking if ThinkFree (a multiplatform office suite) 'll
support ODF, replied [2]:

I'm marketing manager Benedict from ThinkFree.
Thanks for your suggestion !
We are also considering the ODF support in ThinkFree.
By the way, There is one obstacle for solving the problem…
That is MS Policy for ODF, Because of interoperability with MS Office
in ThinkFree, We still need the MS cooperation that support OOXML,,,
I think you can understand this situation & MS policy strategy…
But we plan to solve this political problems, and also We will make the detour.
Anyway, We feel your kind mind…

Please, could someone from FSFE contact ThinkFree [3] to understand
what *MS policy for ODF* are they talking about and what kind of *MS
cooperation* they need to be interoperable with MS Office ???

Maybe those information 'll be interesting for the EU's Anti-Trust
Investigation of OOXML...


Stefano Spinucci
FSFE Fellow

[2] the Benedict comment was posted on April 8, 2008 @ 12:43 am

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