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Dear Friend,


We have seen the likes of "the politically motivated" slowly bringing a
country into ruin, because they no longer stand for, or even understand, the
idea of having an ideological concept as a goal. Read each other's writings:
it is "I" and rarely "We the people." At the founding of this country, men
(We) stood shoulder to shoulder and fought for FREEDOM; then the government
was formed as a way to defend people from the oppressive processes. The
processes have resurfaced, evolved and become more complex but they are
still processes people have once again allowed themselves to be controlled
by. The country needs to define what was lost over time, and what to fight
for. Do you really want to know what the soul really yearns for leaders to
do, even if they appear to not know it or want it? Try this webblog to get
an idea of the things which this country (We) can (will) stand for:


It is prophetic; and won't go away, and will be satisfied.


John K. Gregory

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