Open Data Commons - Licence now out

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Sep 26 12:03:26 UTC 2007

One problem caused by Europe for free software is database licensing,
which isn't quite the same as copyright over databases.  Someone has
published a first draft of an open data licence to try to cover this.
Is this useful for free software or not?

Discussion list:

I'm slightly concerned about the triple-whammy of database licensing,
copyright licensing and a contract.  I'm very happy to see the
confusing CC-style anti-TPM wording made irrelevant by permitting
parallel distribution.

There's also an Open Data Factual Info Licence which puzzles me a bit
because *information* is not covered by copyright, only the expression
(the licence also seems to state this in point 2.4), so it seems a bit

Please comment on the owner's site and/or here.  I'll try to link the
two in a few minutes.

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