Free software and priorities?

MJ Ray mjr at
Tue Sep 25 17:20:36 UTC 2007

Giacomo Poderi <poderi1980 at> wrote:
> MJ Ray ha scritto:
> > I think that's more thoughtlessness and ignorance of the free software
> > alternatives, like when people use gmail instead of a free software
> > webmail.
> [OT]Could you please mention some of these free software webmail, didn't
> find many

The main one I remember is who I think use squirrelmail,
like my co-op does.  Michael J Kaye reviewed it last year at
The venerable also use squirrelmail, but they seem short of
staff and seem to have been spammed to blacklist-hell, although it's
improved the last few weeks.

Others (not all free software) are included on
which I linked from
which I must update soon.

I agree with Alex that should help
matters, although I'm intermittently seeing simplepie warnings on
their site lately.

Hope that helps,
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