Free software and priorities?

MJ Ray mjr at
Tue Sep 25 14:40:50 UTC 2007

"Carsten Agger" <agger at> wrote: [...]
> - I asked the questiona because I am asked them frequently by people
> who are more or less activist on other fronts but are so used to an
> environment of proprietary software (Windows, Office, Photoshop, which
> have market shares around 90+ %)  and wanted to hear some other angles
> to it ...

I think that's more thoughtlessness and ignorance of the free software
alternatives, like when people use gmail instead of a free software

We could help ourselves here more, by building better directories of
free software, reviews and associated articles.  The FSF/UNESCO one is
an opportunity that we're missing: I know the official directory needs
to be tightly controlled to avoid embarrasment to its sponsors, but
the data could be made freely-available (not the current FDL - we need
to promote and interchange this data more widely than that allows)
along with changelogs and easier feedback APIs, and the software that
drives the database could be published as free software.

The best avenue for this sort of thing looks to me to be DOAP
but I've been as bad as everyone else at heading in that direction so

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