Ending a cycle

Stefano Maffulli stef at maffulli.net
Wed Sep 19 14:59:48 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 00:04 +0200, Guido Arnold wrote:
> What exactly is it that you can no longer support FSFE? I just joined the
> Fellowship you were coordinating and am curious what made you resign.

you should do what you feel is right. If you joined the Fellowship
because you felt that FSFE brings value to the community, then you made
the right choice.  I hope that FSFE will keep bringing value to the
community and that more people become Fellows.
> Is there any resource to read the discussions? I couldn't find
> anything in the mailman-archive.

There was some public discussion around April 2007, discussions threads
that include this message:
but the rest is private conversations that are not worth bringing up.  

I stopped contributing to the internal debates as soon as I realized
that the current executives are IMVHO not capable of implementing the
changes that I believe are necessary.   For me this adventure ends here:
it was a pleasure until it lasted.  Facts, I hope, will prove if I'm


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