Nokia responds to iPhone by Promoting 'Open'

Hannes Hauswedell hannes at
Wed Oct 10 21:03:17 UTC 2007

Am Mittwoch 10 Oktober 2007 14:47:15 schrieb Ciaran O'Riordan:
> Guido Arnold <guido at> writes:
> > If there is no portable music player on the market, I would recommend
> > the ones that play ogg and are able to communicate with a GNU system
> FWIW, when I wanted a digital audio player, I got one that runs rockbox:
> and am very happy with the software.

There are open/free portable music players:
Their Player has a free Firmware and even the Hardware (plans and stuff) are 
free. But the things are rather big altogether.
I have one since a couple of years though and am happy with it.
Also the prices are good i think.

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