Free Software in the Portuguese Parliament

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at
Sun Oct 7 09:35:39 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 06:52:42PM +0100, João Miguel Neves wrote:
> Good evening,
> Just a heads up: tomorrow there will be a vote in Portugal for a 
> proposal that sets up a possible migration to Free Software in the 
> Portuguese Parliament.
> If approved, the parliament will have to:
>  * Make all published documents available in the internet and on the 
> internet abide an open standard.
>  * Install in all desktops Free Software, specifically, an office suite 
> and other tools.
>  * Prepare a Free Software training program for the users.
>  * Prepara a Free Software migration plan.
> After this, there will be a second discussion and vote next year to 
> decide if there will be such a migration. The proposal ID is 227/X:
> And you can find ANSOL's analysis in the PDF linked from our press release:

Hi all, it seems that the proposal was massively watered down, but
the usage of open standards has somewhat survived.

What appears to be an overall disappointment is one step better than
being rejected. At least a ouple of good things passed through and we
hope to have a better analisys when the final document gets published
in the Parliamentary diaries.



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