free software and priorities // Discussion Digest, Vol 57, Issue 17

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Wed Oct 3 19:19:28 UTC 2007

   Or maybe one day, I'll use it as an example and someone will say
   "Hey, you're wrong, their wiki is no longer an error message, they
   don't leave new subscribers to their -devel list awaiting approval
   until the system removes them, they answer submissions to their
   patch tracker, the maintainer's email address doesn't bounce and/or
   there's life on their IRC channel at time X" but it seems that day
   hasn't come yet.

You can help solve that by developing mailman or paying a person to do
those task, that way these issues won't occur.  Would you like to do
that? I can put you into contact with the mailman developers, would
you like me to do that?

Again, complaining on this list won't help solve the problem.

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