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Wed Oct 3 16:55:26 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 08:57:49AM +0200, arc wrote:
> The nearest ones to your desires are listed on my homepage:
> I listed notebooks with GNU/Linux preinstalled (even if GNU system is
> Ubuntu which is not entirely free by now),

Yes, I think that if a vendor like Dell offers at least an option to
their customers, this is a big step forward. They don't go far enough, but

There are other vendors that aren't even aware of the whole issue, but
offer hardware without any Software. This is ok with me. On a
ethical point of view, that's even better than trying to make money
out of the name "Linux" and providing only partly Free Software.

> I know nothing about free software/hardware vendors.
> My idea was only a start towards a future when we will have entirely
> free devices to list. :)

Since a hardware database already exists at FSF, the vendors are what
I am concerned about in this discussion. To find them is really a
pain. So, I would love to see them collected somewhere.

> (suggestions are welcome!)
All right, here we go:
Next to 
I would put the link

For the vendor's part, for Chapter Germany I can offer:
They build PCs using the hardware as requested and install/configure a
GNU/Linux distribution on it.

I haven't checked it, but if they have a FreeBIOS compatible
motherboard in their collection, this might be the first 100% freed PC
on the market I have ever seen!

And this page offers some laptops without any software on them:

That's about it (already).


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