Nokia responds to iPhone by Promoting 'Open'

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Wed Oct 3 06:57:49 UTC 2007

Guido Arnold ha scritto:

> Thanks for your responses.
> Hm, I'll have to see if I can wait that long. My current mobile is at
> it's last legs.

As said before, there is not actually a mobile phone available to buy
which is based entirely on free software/hardware.

The nearest ones are Openmoko and I think the ACCESS devices when they
will be ready, IMHO.

>>> What I would like to see, eventually, is a database of vendors who
>>> sell "free"d hardware like openmoko or laptops without any proprietary
>>> software on them.

The nearest ones to your desires are listed on my homepage:

I listed notebooks with GNU/Linux preinstalled (even if GNU system is
Ubuntu which is not entirely free by now), cell phones (like Neo) and
gaming console (like GPX).

It's not a perfect list of entirely free hardware/software devices.
They are the nearest ones to the target, as you said before.
I completely agree with you on your ideas.
If completely free devices are not yet ready, we should list the most
free ones.

I know nothing about free software/hardware vendors.
My idea was only a start towards a future when we will have entirely
free devices to list. :)

(suggestions are welcome!)


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