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Fri Nov 30 18:48:52 UTC 2007

simo <simo.sorce at> wrote: [...]
> I think in some cases it can be very hard, but I guess it all boils down
> to the authors defining what they consider being the boundaries.

That would create a lawyerbomb in itself, which isn't really good for
free software.

I think it isn't very clear what is a derived work of a GPLv3 source
code and what is combining a GPLv3 with a clean-room AGPLv3 source
that just happens to fit well with the GPLv3 one.

> If I were an AGPL author I would think twice the way I link to GPLv3
> stuff and err on the GPLv3 side for any glue code.

That wouldn't achieve the common AGPL author's desire of enforced
sharing over the network.  (Nor will the AGPL, but they most people
seem to ignore that...)

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