GPL License with clause for Web use?

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Fri Nov 23 09:56:18 UTC 2007

Hannes Hauswedell <hannes at> wrote: [...]
> The AGPL is not about borrowing computers, or using some software at 
> someone else's house, its about network access.

The differences between network access, physical access and
terminal-server access aren't particularly significant.

> If I develop this super-cool AJAX Web2.0 Future-Application and provide 
> the source-code, THAN I WANT other poeple to have access to 
> modifications. If you take that code and add some extra-features and 
> get a deal with google that they integrate it with GMail, I WANT 
> GMail-users to know, that they are using free software, I WANT them to 
> get Source-Code access and I WANT them to have the right to offer those 
> services themselves.
> The AGPL provides for this, the GPL doesnt.

The AGPL doesn't provide for this any more than the GPL does.  The GPL
provides for this as far as reasonable, with the show-terms
requirements and so on.  The AGPL's extras are circumventable and only
hurt good people - evil people will still avoid them.

> If you make your business of 
> Application Services and don't want your users to get the code, than 
> you are working against the common goal of software freedom and social 
> solidarity.

Just as well I do want users to get the code, then!

I don't think output-marking restrictions are a good way to do that.
By misleading people into thinking AGPL could, for example, force
google to releasing source to any part of googlemail (it is not called
GMail here), AGPL is being a massive distraction from fixing the
fundamental problems of Software-as-a-Service.

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