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Thu Nov 22 13:50:21 UTC 2007

* MJ Ray wrote, On 22/11/07 13:42:
> Sam Liddicott <sam at> wrote:
>> However, I owe a few people an apology, I got the AGPL and GPL3 confused
>> yesterday, and thought that the quotation from section 13 of the AGPL
>> was taken from the GPL (which is why it took me by surprise). I thought
>> the GPL3 itself was permitting upgrading of licenses to AGPL.
> If you are referring to the quotation by Ciaran O'Riordan in
> Message-Id: <>
> then that is indeed from the GPL, not the AGPL.  (It was headed "Use
> with the GNU Affero General Public License" while the AGPL section 13
> is titled "Remote Network Interaction; Use with the GNU General Public
> License.") => GPL3 itself seems to permit upgrading to the AGPL.
er yess. darn it.
>> I realise that any enhancements made to my GPL3 works will be GPL3
>> licensed even if they are by the same author of the AGPL work and for
>> the benefit of the combined GPL3/AGPL combination. [...]
> No, enhancements to your GPL3 work may be licensed under the GPL3 or
> the AGPL3, depending on various things.
> Is this why the question-gathering page previously linked as
> seems to have vanished?
it is still there, I hope, I have not vanished it.
> Puzzled,
darn, not more than I am! I feel a fool as well as look like one.

So... whether or not I like the GPL3 right-now-at-this-instant :-)
really depends on the meaning of "combination".

If I take the meaning which I think Simo referred to yesterday, it means
separate but linked interacting modules; i.e. not a patch to my work.
e.g. a CMS that uses my template system distributed in one package, in
which any patches to the template system MUST be licensed GPL3.

However reading again section 13 from:

it seems like even that may not be the case.

So.... I don't apologize for apologizing, but I thank MJ for putting me
right again.

(shakes head at reflection sadly)

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