GPL License with clause for Web use?

Sam Liddicott sam at
Wed Nov 21 15:21:20 UTC 2007

* simo wrote, On 21/11/07 15:08:
> On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 14:49 +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
>> Sam Liddicott <sam at> wrote:
>>> In fact I had better NOT use GPL3 (or "or later") or folk might promote
>>> their additions to my work to be AGPL thus preventing me from benefiting
>>> in return from their changes (as I won't adopt AGPL).
>> Indeed.  Unless we delete the AGPL-friendly clause, a project might as
>> well use MIT/Expat or BSD or zlib instead of the GPLv3 and save some
>> bytes and developer-time on the licences.
> Why don't you simply put everything in the Public Domain?
> Why bothering about copyleft at all?
The point (well made) was that these other licenses (as with public
domain) allow others to take do not allow us to take back on terms that
suit us.

> I will probably not use the AGPL in future, but I  don't seek excuses
> not to use the GPLv3, 
Presumably why you have been moderately silent on this topic up till
now, the status quo suits you.

But until today I was seeking excuses why and how my meager but
interesting kernel contributions (under an assumed name) SHOULD be GPL2
or later.
Now I'm glad the kernel won't be GPL3, because I *use* it, I release
custom kernels on embedded hardware. AGPL would suck, I don't want to be
able to get near it.
> and frankly why should I care what you or Sam
> *claim* will or will not use?
this *IS* troll talk. I don't care if you care, I don't even recognize
your name.
> There are tons of projects already switching to GPLv3, evidently these
> people think it's a good license worth using, 
if they did think. If they noticed.
> at least they are not so
> vocal about their opinions but just *act*.
I'm vocal because I just noticed.
> Please add something interesting to the discussion or maybe consider
> saving our time and bandwidth. You are not required to answer at all
> costs if you have really nothing to say.
Not every comment on this list is designed to be interesting to you.

If all you have to say is how boring we are, feel free not to say it.

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