Are addresses temporary?

MJ Ray mjr at
Mon Nov 19 16:22:11 UTC 2007

Reinhard Mueller <mueller at> wrote:
> While I don't think I've ever seen a mail server distinguishing between
> emails that email addresses that have been deleted and email addresses
> that simply did never exist, I agree that it could be helpful.

In exim4, it is possible to do :fail: Custom error message as the
alias return value - I've used it quite often on some systems,
particularly for frequently-made typos.

> Can anybody help me with a pointer to how we would achieve that in
> postfix?

Postfix seems to be very limited in this respect.  By aliasing them to
"|exit 77" you might be able to return "permission denied" rather than
simply "user unknown" but I'm not sure whether that's enough to
actually hard-bounce a message.

If anyone knows how to do it with postfix, I'd like to know too!

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