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While search sites may be thought of as a sort of public resource, in fact
they are for-profit services, and fiercely competitive with one another.
Thus, the goal of every search site is to have the very best database of
sites that they can. This means two things: including as many legitimate
entries as possible, and excluding as many of the spurious kind as possible.
By this I don't mean that they pass judgement on the quality of the actual
sites submitted (although some directories do to a certain extent), but
rather on the appropriateness of a submission of a particular site for a
particular category. If a directory accepted every entry that is submitted
to them, then every category would soon become filled with listings for
get-rich-quick schemes, weight-loss products and pornography, which would
crowd out the more appropriate listings and make the directory useless. Of
course, on the less reputable search sites, including those entities known
as "free for all link pages", this is exactly what happens, which is why
it's a waste of time submitting to such sites. But reputable directories
expend a great deal of effort making sure that sites do not get listed in
inappropriate categories. Likewise, search engines try to make sure that all
their listings include only appropriate keywords.
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