ATENTION: DCE is about to be the new name for DRM [Was: sad treacherous computing day]

MJ Ray mjr at
Fri May 11 13:11:10 UTC 2007

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms at> wrote:
> 	Digital Consumer Enablement
[...which is more like...]
> 	Digital Consumer Encarceration

Ye gods!  Won't they ever learn that the street can screw any acronym?

Do we want to call it:
Digital Customer Emasculation (too misunderstandable?);
Don't-Copy Enforcement;
Device-Crippling Electronics;
Death of Consumer Entertainment;
Designed by Corporate Entertainment lawyers;
or something else?

Hopefully it will finally lead to the long-overdue
Dead Cocksuckers in the Entertainment industry.  Bye bye HBO?

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