sad treacherous computing day

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Tue May 8 22:00:01 UTC 2007

   It is an additional measure that can help you in case of bugs. If I
   have a vulnerability, in a service, that let you get root
   privileges on a machine, I can still prevent you from changing
   vital components because of the hardware protection. A reboot will
   make sure my machine is not compromised because I know you were not
   able to change vital system components like the kernel as you don't
   have the signing key I keep offline.

Simpler to store the kernel on a read-only media than invent a chip
with the sole intention to cripple things for everyone else (that is
what DRM/TC does in the end after all).

So far people have come up with ideas that would somehow make DRM/TC
"useful", but all of these ideas are perfectly possible without using
crippled hardware with systems made decades ago.

   As I said before it's the use you make of a technology that is good
   or bad, and I agree that using TC/DRM against a user is bad. But
   this does not make a Fritz chip bad per se.

How else do you use TC/DRM unless it is against a user? 

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