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Seg, 2007-05-07 às 15:30 +0200, Alfred M. Szmidt escreveu:
> What are these useful ways one can use DRM and TC?

A good and useful way:
  Computer: please boot only the kernel that is signed with the key I'm
in control of. Any attempt at booting another kernel not signed by this
key is untrusted, don't boot it.

Of course the bad ways go along these lines:
  Problem with non-Free operting systems: you will very likely never
have the control over this key.

  Problem with Tivoized devices: thy will not give you this key.

>   The whole point of
> TC and DRM is after all to prohibit a user from updating their
> software,

Not really: Computer, only accept updates signed by my key, and no
other. Then proceed to have auto-applying-updates.

Of course this could only be true with Free Software.

>  or from listining to their favourite song on their music
> player of choice.  I cannot see anything useful about these things.
> Encryption doesn't even come into the picture, since you can do TC/DRM
> without encryption; I think this is what Tivio did, they just signed
> their binaries, and the hardware only allows running binaries signed
> by that entity.

The TPM is one of the hardware parts needed for a successfull
exploitation of DRM. The problem lies in who controls this DRM. You do?
Or does someone else hold that power over you?

Unfortunately, most uses of DRM and the TPM strongly overshadow it's
benefits and I can't advise these technologies which are *already* being
misused against our interests.


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