sad treacherous computing day

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Mon May 7 13:52:54 UTC 2007

   >    DRM and TC can be used in useful ways, again it is not the
   >    technology, it is the use of the technology that can be good
   >    or bad.
   > What are these useful ways one can use DRM and TC?  The whole
   > point of TC and DRM is after all to prohibit a user from updating
   > their software, or from listining to their favourite song on
   > their music player of choice.  I cannot see anything useful about
   > these things.

   That's because you have limited imagination I guess.

Quite possible.

   TC and DRM are simply mechanisms, you could use a TC enabled
   machine to sign your own binaries so that you are sure nobody can
   take over your machine and run a different kernel.

   Same for DRM, you can use it for your own stuff.

This is the exact case I stated, prohibiting others from updating
their software.  It is one thing to _verify_ the binary, and still
allow it to run, and another to simply say `You're bad! Go away bad
person!'; and this is exactly what DRM/TC does.  Signing binaries is a
great way to check their integrity, but that doesn't mean that one
shouldn't be able to run unverifiable binaries.  So I still don't see
how DRM/TC can be a useful thing.

   Do you leave your machine passwordless with all files set to 777 ?

I actually do.

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