sad treacherous computing day

simo simo.sorce at
Mon May 7 12:29:03 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 12:20 +0200, arc wrote:
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> simo ha scritto:
> > It's the use you make of a technology that can be good or bad, not the
> > technology itself.
> > On my Thinkpads I run only free software (a GNU/Linux distribution of my
> > choice) and TC does not affect my freedom at all.
> > 
> > Fight the bad behaviors, not technology itself.
> I understand but the main reason for the existence of drm and tc is
> money and with my money I supported something I don't like.
> If everyone buy things with this technology inside, even if nobody use
> it, vendors will be interested in manufacturing it.
> In this way we are helping spread drm and tc even if we didn't use it.

DRM and TC can be used in useful ways, again it is not the technology,
it is the use of the technology that can be good or bad.

PGP and DRM/TC may both use encryption, do you think encryption itself
is bad also?

> This is why I'm sad.

There are some many more bad things to be sad of, I think this has very
low priority.

> The only thing I can do now it's stop suggesting Lenovo notebooks as a
> choice.

Then you should probably stop suggesting any brand both for laptops and
desktops. Because they are all implementing (or going to implement) TPM


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