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Sun May 6 21:29:14 UTC 2007

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Just a few minutes ago I made two sad discoveries:

0) my notebook has a tc chip inside
I bought a lenovo thinkpad r60 9456-HTG
and it has a fingerprint reader.
It contains a chip made by Atmel:

and this is from the datasheet:
- --------------------------------------------------------
Security: Power-on password / hard disk password / supervisor password /
security keyhole

Security chip: Trusted Platform Module / Atmel chip / TCG 1.2-compliant

Fingerprint reader: Fingerprint reader on palm rest / swipe sensor /
integrated with security chip
- --------------------------------------------------------------

1) my nokia n73 has symbian 9.1 operating system
which has tc too.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Platform Security architecture
The kernel and file server, and the software installer, are part of the
Trusted Computing Base
(TCB) and have unrestricted access to the device resources. They are
responsible for
maintaining the integrity of the device, and applying the fundamental
rules of platform
security. The rest of the operating system must trust them to behave
correctly, and their code
has consequently been very strictly reviewed.
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

I bought this one from ebay so I can't send it back to a shop.

I don't know what to do.
I can't sell them, I can't crush them but I don't want to use them.


I'm sad.

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