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On Tuesday 01 May 2007 22:09, Roland Haeder wrote:
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> Subject: The structure, or ganization, and code of the Software are
> valuable trade secrets of Autodesk and its licensors.
> Date: Tuesday, 1. May 2007 17:52
> From: "Emmanuelle Seaman" <some at email>
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> Since a menu is a tool to get the user up and running quickly, you should
>  follow the standard.
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> Is that a hysteric-maker or true? 

Can you expand how you understand the question?
Autodesk is a company earning a lot of money with proprietary software.
Of course they would say and claim that structure, organisation and software
code of this software are valuable to them. Software-Patents, copyright and 
trade mark laws in the various countries of the world might allow them
to actually protect this proprietary knowledge.

With most graphical user interface elements you should actually follow
what the majority of users expects, from the usuability point of view.

Both does not seem to be news ...


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