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Ciaran O'Riordan <ciaran at> writes:
> ...and for any other information, just ask, or take a look at FSFE's page:

I have two questions.

1. The bracketed clause in section 11:

At you
can read:

"So, if the text in brackets is adopted for the final version of the
license, it is true that this would grandfather in Novell. [..] After
all, that deal would still be affected by the previous paragraph,
forcing Microsoft to offer its patent protection to everyone instead of
just Novell's customers."

How can both sentences be true?
The first sentence says that the bracketed clause in section 11 would
make the Novell-MS deal valid and the second sentence says that it would
have still effects on the Novell-MS deal.

Can someone explain this to me and maybe point me to the corresponding
text in the 3th draft of GPLv3?

2. Conveying Non-Source Forms

The new text in section 6 preventing "Tivosation" says:

"Network access may be denied when the modification itself materially
and adversely affects the operation of the network or violates the rules
and protocols for communication across the network."

Does this mean that i would be able to modify the software on my video
device but as a reaction the device could disable my access to the
network which distributes the movies?

Draft 2 had this language:

"[..]that they can implement all the same functionality in the same
range of circumstances. (For instance, if the work is a DVD player and
can play certain DVDs, it must be possible for modified versions to play
those DVDs. If the work communicates with an online service, it must be
possible for modified versions to communicate with the same online
service in the same way such that the service cannot distinguish.)"

It seems something like this is missing in draft 3 to make sure that the
devices will do the same tasks with modified software like it did
before.  Or have i missed something?

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