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Thu Mar 29 12:37:02 UTC 2007

Hi there;

just loosely following this discussion as a "silent lurker", I feel
like shortly dropping in here:

[Guido Serra <guido.serra at> @ Thu, 29 Mar 2007 14:18:39 +0200]

> > isn't Knoppix a live distro, and the business of Klaus Knopper
> > ( ???
> uhmm... is his toolchain public?

For what I see, these prices are about consultancy work. I have done
Knoppix remasterings several times by now, and for what I see, all the
tools to be used for that are available in "the wild" as Free Software
or "at least" open - source. But I think this is not really a
"toolchain" but mainly just something like cloop + basic debian tools...

By the way have look at ... ;)

You know, reading through this thread, I really understand your
problem, but to me, the point is: No one _asks_ you to create open
source software or even Free Software. People still do proprietary
applications, and, given you'd create a (desktop) tool to spit out
plaintext configuration files for the different applications needed in
your environment, things probably will be "fine" (if one accepts
proprietary software). But this probably is not why you are here, is


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