GPLv3 discussion draft 3 is out

Stefano Spinucci virgo977virgo at
Thu Mar 29 12:03:42 UTC 2007

On 3/29/07, Guido Serra <guido.serra at> wrote:
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> > Because it is wrong to deprive users of their freedom.  If you
> > distsibute a program to them, then you should give them the freedom to
> > run, study, improve and distribute the program.
> yeah, right... i go to the bakery and:
> me: "sorry, have no money, but i can give you this CD, it's
> freesoftware"

I don't want to fuel this flame but...

isn't Knoppix a live distro, and the business of Klaus Knopper
( ???


Stefano Spinucci
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