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> Another very common free software business model is based on system
> integration - helping customers to install networks and various  
> software
> packages and making everything work together.  These companies help  
> free
> software because they often find bugs and will either submit a bug  
> report or
> a bugfix.  Some of these companies even add new features and  
> contribute
> those back to the free software project.

that's what i do.. a customer of mine last year found me for LDAP  
...i did a total integration of his infrastructure... 8 months of work

now, from that experience i want to make a live cd based on Debian  
GNU/Linux 's a massacre for me to replicate the same installation every time

so, i want to create a toolchain with all the configurations i need,
and i'll give away a pre-packaged solution like ubuntu does

if someone wants customizations, pays

what happens if someone tells me... "i want your toolchain?"

can i answer... get the code, is out there, i did not changed  
anything of the binaries,
the toolchain is MY work of configuring and keep everything togheter...

at the same time i'm contributing patches to projects GOSa^2,  
SeaGull, bind9, cyrus and sasl2
...and from now, Debian LiveCD

why should i give away my toolchain? better for me not to create it  
and do everytime an installation by a netinstall from Debian and have  
NO TIME AT ALL to contribute to the projects i told before

i do not have time, money, and people to do like Mysql, Redhat, and  
many others did...

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