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>    The product GOsa was chosen by the city of Munich (14.000 IT
>    worksations) to manage their new installations. The city of  
> Munich is
>    currently moving all her infrastructure from a proprietary
> By not looking into GPL'd PHP (*sigh*) sources of this wonderful  
> project,
> just to note, that your English on that official site is bad, IMHO.  
> Why?
> Simply because 'city of Munich' is not a female person, thus you  
> can not
> use 'her' personal possessive pronoun, you should use 'its'. Also,
> make sure you've ran trivial spell checker there (hint: workstations).

ugh! ... i should contact Cajus and tell him to correct it :(

anyway, i do not want to "troll" here, i'll continue privately with ya

sorry to the mailing-list readers... hope discussion in list will  
continue on the problem
not on our personal feelings at the moment...

i have received some constructive mails in private and that's enough  
to keep me "hopeful"

i'll wait for something public before GPLv3 is released as-is...

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