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Thu Mar 29 09:38:32 UTC 2007

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> Il giorno 29/mar/07, alle ore 06:59, Oleg Verych ha scritto:
> >>From: Guido Serra
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> >>Date: Thu, Mar 29, 2007, 12:13:32AM +0200
> >>
> >[]
> >>so?
> so you can be constructive or not, you are not constructive

Yes, maybe i am. Also i realize, that

   Everybody have a right to have his personal, wrong opinion.

> want to talk? start not calling me "troll", i better should not  
> respond to you email

This is your response to my guess, placed in "p.s." with apology "sorry".
But your angry, non constructive, offensive answer led exactly to what i
was afraid of.

> and start making closedsource software to reach the end of the month
> ok, i was right... are an academic
> you are the "troll", you can sing on the tree and say "oh,  
> freesoftware is wonderful"

Please, next time you are welcome to reach me in the Gmail service, my
account name is 'olecom at'.

Now, please, think of what you've wrote, WRT why i'm so open for
discussion: i have 'Organization' header in every message, you can see
IPv4 address of the machine i'm sitting at now in e-mail header (feel
free to put your angry there :)

Before i will reply to 'you are the "troll"', let me quote your next,
disclosed to ML message:

,-*- [Message-Id: <66C5CEE5-AE40-4CB2-9554-857064F8AB38 at>] -*-
|and bodyrental market (continuous income) cannot go over 250euros/day
|italian taxation is about 48,5% for me, i'm a freelancer ... that
|means 125 A DAY!!!
|(when you are lucky...)

So, if it will make you feel better, i have 250 euro/month. This is
enough for me for hardly read books, make my scientific research and
study, improving my English, writing patches to software i like, helping
people with my knowledge (bug reports, most in debian-kernel, slightly in
LKML) among other not-so many things.

> >Your questions are pointless. You didn't invent this, you didn't
> >contribute, you are just another one "how can it be that wrong way?",
> where is your contribution? show me the code! (citating someone else)

Usual answer for questions like that is -- goggle.
> here is my code:
>  *

Here we can go far beyond topic, but that will be my last paragraph.

Quote from the first page from the site:

   The product GOsa was chosen by the city of Munich (14.000 IT
   worksations) to manage their new installations. The city of Munich is
   currently moving all her infrastructure from a proprietary

By not looking into GPL'd PHP (*sigh*) sources of this wonderful project,
just to note, that your English on that official site is bad, IMHO. Why?
Simply because 'city of Munich' is not a female person, thus you can not
use 'her' personal possessive pronoun, you should use 'its'. Also,
make sure you've ran trivial spell checker there (hint: workstations).

Have a nice day.

p.s. non informative parts of quoted message were left unanswered and

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